De la fabrication à la réparation


Production de pièces usinées

Industrie chimique, la métallurgie, le caoutchouc, l'alimentation et la fabrication de machineries lourdes.


Entretien et réparation

Personnel qualifié et les équipements spécialisés.

From Production to Maintenance to Repairs

Production (machined parts)

Quenneville Inc. has set the standard in precision parts machining for many clients from various business industries, such as the chemical, metallurgy, rubber, food, and heavy machinery manufacturing sectors.

With our state-of-the-art equipment, we manufacture customized serial parts based on our clients specifications. Our production capacity, tool flexibility, employee expertise, and product quality enable us to meet the most stringent requirements of our partners: our clients.


Maintenant and Repairs

Whether you require parts or equipment repair, Quenneville ensures that qualified staff and specialized equipment are at your disposal to quickly and skillfully respond to your request in the case of an emergency or equipment failure.

Our flexibility with respect to our work schedule combined with the extensive knowledge and professionalism of our team, as well as our ability to adapt our production shop, constitute our key assets for the greater benefit our clients who are faced with tight deadlines at crucial times.